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‘As I live currently in France, I haven’t met Dr. Fiset personally but I applied her method Hypnovie a few weeks ago for the birth of my first child. I would definitively recommend her hypnosis program as preparation to birth.
Hypno-Beginning baby

hypno-Beginning baby

 Thanks to the listening of her tapes, and the reading of her advises started a few weeks before delivery I felt confident to opt for birth as natural as possible. During the delivery itself the program helped me achieve a stage of relaxation and concentration which made the epidural unnecessary. Not only would I re-apply the method if I were having another child, but I recommend it to all expecting mothers, especially for their first born.’
Hi natalie,

I purchased your program for a natural childbirth and I did the program for 14 weeks to make sure that it worked…actually it was because I was excited to start and could not wait 🙂 I wanted to let you know how my birth went.
 You are amazing!! It was amazing!! I did not know what to expect but I was sure that it would be fine. I had faith that it would benefit me in some way. It was my second child….she was born 3 weeks ago in 3 1/2 hours….naturally without medication!!…which is exactly what I wanted. My first birth was long and I needed a blood patch after the birth. Need I say more! Everything happened exactly like you said on the Cd’s! Even after the birth my body healed very quickly and my milk came very quickly. I am still on a high! So amazing!
I have always been a fan of the power of the mind. I recently ordered the hypnosis for perfect harmony and you were so wonderful to include a gift of forgiveness for me. Thank you so much for that. That was very sweet. I decided to do that one first considering it could be a message from the universe. After all it is something that showed up on my doorstep that I did not know was coming. I am in love with the music that is in the background. 
I was so excited by your work that I have my mother in Fort Mac. Alberta ordering and practicing your hypnosis. She said that her life is changing since she has been doing the cd’s. I am very excited for her. She needed it.
I guess it is just an all around thank you for everything you are.

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